Categories of contents covered in both of our Regional Directories

Port Facility Maps
Port Editorials
Port Terminal Facilities Description
Inland Waterway System Maps
Inland Waterway Editorials
Container Depot – Intermodal Facility Maps
Railroad Intermodal Facility Descriptions
Consulate Offices
* Marine Repair and other Ship Barge Services
* International Trade and Port Directory

* = These two categories are separated into ALL of the sub-listings below.

Accounting Firms (International) 
Attorney Firms РDamage And Loss (Cargo) 
Attorney Firms РMotor Carrier Licenses, Permits, Claims 
Attorney Firms (Admiralty) 
Attorney Firms (Customs Law) 
Attorney Firms (Export Control) 
Attorney Firms (Immigration Law)
Antenna Sales And Service 
Attorney Firms (International)
Attorney Firms (Transportation Law)
Automobile & Truck Shipping 
Average Adjusters 
Banks With International Departments 
Barge Brokerage And Consolidation 
Barge Lines 
Barge Repair 
Barge Sales 
Barge Terminals 
Bilge Liquid & Sanitary Removal 
Blocking And Bracing (Containers And Heavy Machinery) 
Bridge Operating Tenders 
Bulk Haulers 
Bulk Transfer – Automated Rail-To-Vessel
Bunkering Service 
Business Forms (International) 
Cables And Slings 
Carnet Certificate Preparation
Customs Centralized Examination Sites
Customs Expediting Services
Container Freight Stations 
Carpentry & Lashing Of Cargo
Customs Bonded Carriers
Container Breakdown And Distribution
Chartering Brokers 
Chassis Repair 
Cold Storage 
Co-Load Consolidator (Export)
Computer Software/Hardware (Transportation Industry) 
Communications International
Commercial And Industrial Waste Transporting & Disposal
Container Consolidation Service
Container Terminals 
Compass Adjusting & Repair 
Consultants In Traffic And Transportation
Customs Bonds 
Container Leasing (Insulated)
Car Loaders 
Container Leasing And Sales
Canadian Motor Carrier Service
Communications Ship-To-Shore
Container Neutral Pools 
Container Parts Distribution 
Container Rail Services Serving Canadian Landbridge 
Container Repair (Refrigerated)
Crane Rental Service 
Container Shippers Agents
Container Stack Train Services
Container And Tank Construction (Customized) 
Container Trucking (Local)
Container Trucking (Long-Distance)
Container Repair 
Container Yards 
Cranes, Heavy Lift 
Cross-Dock Transfer Service
Crushing, Screening, Bagging & Boxing
Custom Binding Ruling Service
Customs Bonded Warehouses
Customs Brokerage Software
Containerized Cargo Bonds 
Custom House Brokers/Ocean Freight Forwarders
Chemists And Surveyors
Chart Sales 
Customs Bonded Carriers (In Canada)
Container And Chassis Handling Equipment
Customs Consulting 
Customs Bonded Cartman 
Customs Bonded Container Yards 
Dangerous Goods Consultants 
Dangerous Goods Training РSeminars 
Dry Bulk Carrier 
Duty Drawback Specialists 
Educational Service To Transportation Industry
Electric And Electronics Repair 
Employment Agencies (Truck Drivers)
Employment Agencies To Transportation Industry
Executive Search РTransportation Industry 
Export Documentation 
Export & Import Management Companies
Environmental Engineering And Consulting
Engine Repair 
Facility Developers & Realtors 
Financial Services (International) 
Ferry Service РTrucks 
Foreign Trade Zones 
Foreign Trade Zones (Sub Zones)
Fuel РCommercial Fleets 
Foreign Trade Zones Administration 
Freight Brokers (Ocean) 
Fumigation And Extermination 
Government Organizations
Government Order Warehouses (Customs)
Global Transportation Management
Grain Elevators 
Hazardous Materials Warehouse
Harbor Soundings
Harbor And Fleeting Service 
Harbor Pilots 
Hazardous Materials Handling & Disposal 
Hazardous Materials Handling Training
Hazardous Material Warehouse 
Heavy And Special Machinery Haulers
Hazardous Material Hauling
Household Movers (International) 
Ice Breaking 
Inspection Service 
Insulated Cargo Quilts 
Insurance (Cargo) 
Insurance (Marine) 
Intermodal Marketing 
Interpreters And Translators 
Janitorial Supplies 
Japanese Market Consultants
Letter Of Credit And Carnet Preparation
Less-Than Container-Load Trucking (Long Distance)
Language & Cultural Training
Liquid Cargo
Loading & Unloading
Logistics Management 
Lake Pilots 
Machine Storage 
Marine Construction 
Marine Consultants 
Marine Contractors 
Marine Delivery Services
Marine Engineers 
Marine Equipment And Service
Marine Facility Engineering
Marine Pollution Control
Material Handling Equipment
Modular Office Buildings
Moving & Storage Companies
Machinery Packaging Supplies & Service
Marine Post Office 
Marine Reporting 
Marketing Consultants (International)
Multimodal Transportation Services (North America) 
Nafta Documentation Specialists Origin Criteria
Naval Architects 
Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carriers
Ocean Freight Forwarders (Refer Custom House Brokers/Ocean Freight Forwarders)
Oil Spill Containment & Cleanup
Ocean/Air Freight Conference
Packaging And Crating (Domestic And International)
Pick-Up And Delivery Service (Ocean Freight) (Local) Emergency Expediting
Pick-Up And Delivery Service (Ocean Freight) (Local)
Port Authorities
Perishable Cargo Packing Systems (Temperature Control)
Pipeline Terminals (Receiving)
Packing Materials, Supplies & Equipment
Pump Repair
Potable Water Transportation
Property Managers (Industrial/Transportation)
Port Trade Representatives
Quality Control Service 
Rail/Truck Transfer Facility 
Railroads (Piggyback Yards) 
Railroads (Sales Offices)
Railroads Serving The Port
Refrigerated Truck Service
Restricted Articles Packaging And Crating
Reusable Containers – Sales & Leasing
Real Estate Agents (Transportation Properties)
Real Estate (Land/Buildings) Management For Investors
Refigeration-Industrial And Commercial
River Tours 
Ship And Barge Cleaning 
Ship Pumping And De-Ballasting 
Shore To Ship РShip To Shore Delivery Service 
Shrink Wrap Supplies 
Storage (Liquid) 
Scrap Metal Trading 
Storage (Perishable) 
Ship Repair 
Ship Chandlers 
Shipper’s Agents¬†
Shippers Associations 
Stabilizing Devices (Cargo) 
Steamship Agents 
Steamship Lines 
Steel Haulers 
Steel Service 
Steel Suppliers 
Stevedores Or Terminal Operators For-Hire 
Steel Warehouses 
Storage РTemporary Units Sales & Leasing 
Surveyors And Appraisers (Cargo)
Surveyors And Appraisers (Marine)
Storage (Bulk)
Tax Consultants – International
TaxAnd Expatriate Services – International
Trucking Broker 
Terminaling РBarge, Pipeline, Truck, Rail 
Towing & Barge Service
Trailer Repair Service 
Trucking Equipment & Service
Truck Insurance
Tanker Brokers 
Towing & Lightering 
Trade Show Movers (Domestic & International)
Tank & Tanker Cleaning (Vessels And Containers) 
Trading Companies 
Trailer Leasing, Rental And Sales
Translators (See Interpreters) 
Truck Rental 
Truck And Tractor Leasing And Rental 
Truck/Equipment Satellite Locating Systems
Truck Repair Service 
Truck And Trailer Service 
Visual Communication For Industry
Warehousing Agents
Washing – Trucks, Trailers & Overseas Containers
Warehouses (General) 
Weighers, Gougers And Samplers
Welding Service